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All Tesseract OCR options

This is for my reference and this might come in handy for others too. All Tesseract options CLI Examples Command Example Notes tesseract sample_images/image2.jpg stdout To print the output to standard output tesseract sample_images/image2.jpg sample_images/output By default the output will be named outbase.txt. tesseract sample_images/image2.jpg sample_images/output -l eng -l is for language. English is default […]

Otsu’s method for image thresholding explained and implemented

The process of separating the foreground pixels from the background is called thresholding. There are many ways of achieving optimal thresholding and one of the ways is called the Otsu’s method, proposed by Nobuyuki Otsu. Otsu’s method[1] is a variance-based technique to find the threshold value where the weighted variance between the foreground and background […]