About me

I am a Principal Engineer at a Software company with over 10 years experiece in Software field, I had been an entrepreneur, researcher, architect, coder and a consultant. Most of my career I wrote Java code and later moved to javascript, python and nodejs. Built dozens of tools and applications for personal use in my free time to learn different technologies. My current role involves building architectures, high-level designs and solutions for hard problems. I am also an expert at building Microservices and frequently train engineers and architects on Microservice Architectures.

I started learning artificial intelligence in 2016  with a few interesting hard to solve problems in NLP, studied logic, language and grammar systems. Moved on to Data science, read every book in the subject from algorithms to methodologies to statistical analysis, fell in love with data and while solving a problem in image classification I discovered Computer Vision. That’s when I decided to work on CV research and gain expertise in it. I am always either reading something related to computer vision or coding a solution for a vision problem. I am also working on a Document Data extraction System which can be found at 9sphere.space.

I loved reading and collecting books. I have read every book in the recommended list for computer vision including a large number of books on Linear Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Graph Theory, Neural Networks, Probability, Statistics, etc. Those books were more like a refresher as they were all part of my undergraduate study in computer science engineering. Other books I read frequently are in the fields of Projective Geometry, Deep Learning, AI systems and Computer vision. I frequently read research papers in the field of OCR and Document analysis. My primary research interest is information extraction from images.

You can find my code on Github, professional profile at LinkedIn and my writings on this blog. You can also follow me on twitter.

Reach me at my email muthukrishnan.t [at] hotmail.com