How to install the latest nodejs version in ubuntu

As of writing this article the latest node version was 4.2.4, you can install this one using the distribution from NodeSource repository: sudo apt-get install curl curl –silent –location | sudo bash – sudo apt-get install nodejs You can find all the sources here, Then, you have the latest version of node.js installed.

The Strange Bystander effect

Human psychology is a fascinating subject especially when it comes to strange behaviors that we show sometimes. Take for instance the Bystander effect. Suppose you are in a crowded place and you meet with an accident, in that emergency situation you would expect more number of people to come to help you but countless experiments …

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The Four Color Theorem

Four color theorem states that any given plane figure separated by lines can be colored using not more than 4 colors! First proposed in 1852 when a man named Francis Guthrie who was coloring a map of the counties of England discovered that he was able to color all the adjacent countries using only 4 colors …

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The mysterious and beautiful 6174

My favorite will always be 1.618 (The Golden Ratio) but 6174 fascinated me recently mainly because of the mystery it carries. It was in 1949 when an Indian mathematician named D. R. Kaprekar, devised a process now known as Kaprekar’s operation. This was published in “Scripta Mathematica” which was a quarterly journal published by Yeshiva University. …

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