How to build products that Hooks your users

Recently I read a¬†book called “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products” written by Nir Eyal. It changed the way I used to look at product design and development. The basic principles explained¬†in the¬†book were at the core of¬†almost all successful¬†consumer applications I¬†use daily. I understood why Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram was such an important part …

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The Strange Bystander effect

Human psychology is a fascinating subject especially when it comes to strange behaviors that we show sometimes. Take for instance the Bystander effect. Suppose you are in a crowded place and you meet with an accident, in that emergency situation you would expect more number of people to come to help you but countless experiments …

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The Paradox of choice

How often have you been in a situation wherein you had to choose one option among too many? Lets go to a hand bag showroom and try to pick a bag.¬†The purpose of a hand-bag is quite simple which come in various shapes, colors, sizes, prices, brands, and types. When you get into the showroom …

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