Are we going to reach AGI with Neural Networks?

Neural Networks! Google is working on it, so it must be cool isn’t it. Take any book on Neural Networks it starts with an introduction on brain biology which looks like something we saw in our high school biology text book. It gives a detailed explanation on what we know about our brain and how it works and we start dreaming that we are going to create a project called “the brain” to simulate the way our brain works. Then begins chapters and chapters on complex neural network models, methods and mathematics which if implemented and trained with thousands and thousands of pictures of cats and dogs can recognize a dog and a cat in a new picture (Still never with 100% accuracy). Is that how our brains work? I don’t think so. Show one picture of a dog to a kid and he can identify a dog in any picture of any kind you show him later. Neural network is a lot of hard work because of the massive training data that needs to be fed into it and has to be made by humans themselves. So are we really creating intelligence using neural networks? I don’t think neural network is the answer to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)