Angular ng-repeat on object and arrays


ng-repeat is similar to a for loop in javascript which lets you loop through an array of objects or values and print the information in html.

For example: Suppose we have an array of people,

$scope.people = ["Max","Gene","Rose"];

To print these values in a <p> tag would have a syntax something like the one shown below.

<p ng-repeat="p in people">

What if we had an array of objects,

$scope.people = [{
           "name" : "Max",
           "gender" : "Male"
            "name" : "Gene",
            "gender" : "Male"
            "name" : "Rose",
            "gender" : "Female"

Our ng-repeat would look something like this

<p ng-repeat="p in people">
{{}} is a {{p.gender}}

While it was easy to loop through an array of values and objects using an ng-repeat, running a loop in an object is a little different.

Suppose we have an object person

$scope.person = {
   "name" : "Max",
   "gender" : "Male",
    "age" : "28"

We can print the object values using an ng-repeat like this

<p ng-repeat="(key,value) in people">
{{key}} : {{value}}

The above code would produce an output which would look something like this:

name : Max
gender : Male
age : 28
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